God has been pissed by those sinful people. 

He've sent his most powerful warior to start a judjement day. Send those sinners to hell and teach them how to love our Lord. Love can be blind, but not for God.


WASD or arrows to move

Z, F , K,  L, Lrft and Right shift to shoot(yes, you can use any of those keys)

Space to jump

1.1 Update:

Added more shoot buttons, now you can use:

F, L, K, Right and Left Shift for shooting(Z still works too) 

1.2 Update:

Added even more shoot buttons(but seriously, just use arrows with z key):

Left mouse button now can also be used to shoot 

Programming: ChaosTheLegend(me)

Art: WrenchDotBat


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Pretty fun. Shoot bound to Z is a killer though.

make shoot a button that doesn't use wasd fingers and use pre rendered animations for the effects instead of real time particles